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Choose your spaceship and defeat the alien threat that comes from the Moon. Blast your way crushing, ripping apart and exploding hostile aliens that are taking control of powerful weapons and military technology from Earth. Find the entity that controls the threat and make it explode into blood.

Space Dragons is a classic "shoot em up" horizontal shooting game, in which you can choose different ships with unique characteristics and abilities to destroy tons of invading aliens. During the adventure you will run into powerful bosses and explosive enemies. Get upgrades for your ship, weapons and much more to make your way through the meaty and bloody path that awaits you in Space Dragons.

  • Local multiplayer
  • A great arsenal of weapons awaits you in the vast stages 
  • Acumulative improvement every time you finish a stage, you will be able to achieve different combinations 
  • Beautiful animated and hand-drawn pixel art characters and stages 
  • Various enemies with different attacks and transformations 
  • Execute the enemies and bosses to obtain improvements and earn points 
  • Very frenetic and explosive gameplay 
  • Every boss has a transformation 


Buy Now$6.90 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.90 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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Space Dragons 61 MB

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I got passed level 8!  PLEASE, can you tell us when the game will be completed!?  Thank you.

After beating the first boss, the upgrades appear.  But, when I go over an upgrade, and press the fire button, nothing happens.  No matter which button I press nothing happens.  What should I do?  Also do you know when you will finish this game?  Thank you.

When I use the controller, this is a problem.  However, when I use the controller, after I beat a boss, I just overlap one of the powerups and press the "T" key on the keyboard.  Then I am able to advance.  I hope this helps anyone else who has been having this problem, also.

Can we have Linux and Mac ports too?

Maybe later when we release the final version, but it will depend on the reception of the game

Sounds Fair


sfx sound crunchy good.  I do love good sound.

Thank you so much! <3

(1 edit)

I think this could be taken to the next level with a true grit YM2612 (Genesis) soundtrack. The art style almost begs for it. The acid/dance music works, but if you can get to grips with the FM synthesizer the Genesis uses, there's some SICK tunes you could make.

Thanks, we appreciate this and will try to use




This is the average bullet hell/shoot em up game with attractive waifus, as almost every game of this kind lmao

question: how are the aliens able to more or less seamlessly integrate their anatomy into inanimate modern warfare vehicles and passenger vehicles (eg. tanks, that one passenger plane, fighter jets and attack helicopters) while being able to control these vehicles for hours on end

Soon we'll delve a little more into the plot of the game


Nice smup

definetly took me back to old shmups


best smup ive ever played. a very great job devs. un squadron used to be one of my favs. this title is amazing. great sprites great music. controls are crisp. its not even a gripe. but some of the enemy's dont really fit the genre. and also can ya include an upgrade store. to where you can level up your ships as well as weaponry. i think it would add to the replay value. ive got aton more ideas too but all in all wonderful job devs

Thank you very much for playing Space Dragons. And we really appreciate your feedback.


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